Opening of the CO2 Neutral Computer room by minister Cramer.

The computer room you're currently sitting in has been made CO2 neutral by students from the UvA student council. The objective of this extensive project is to introduce students to new techniques we can use to reduce our impact on the planet. We're implementing this objective by minimising computer energy wastage, installing energy-efficient lighting and generating electricity directly from sunlight and wind (solar and wind energy). Through these implementations we hope to demonstrate that we can be sustainable without impeding modern convenience and efficiency. However, some computer settings have been changed in order to reduce energy wastage (see PCPM for more info).

As well as being a showcase, the UvA is running this project as a pilot in order to test whether energy saving applications can be implemented throughout the entire university. The PCPM application and installed lighting illustrate this.

We are currently implementing several techniques, the aim being to complete the implementation in October. From then on, all students will have the opportunity to study in a CO2neutral environment.

The opening will take place on 12 October, 20:30 in the E-Hall
(Roetersstraat 11).